• Conscious Choices

    Conscious choices and the principle of progress

    A few days ago I was working with a client. She was wondering what she needed to do to stay focused on achieving her goal, when oh so often, things were standing in her way. She is struggling with two challenges: She believes she often doesn’t have a choice, and She believes that progress always has to be big to be considered as such. I introduced her to the notion of conscious choices and the principle of progress. Making conscious choices: We spend our entire life making choices, and those choices are what got us where we are today. Let’s take the example of a friend of mine who many years ago went on holiday in France where she met her Kiwi hubby to be. She is now living in New Zealand with him, and they have two beautiful kids. What would her life look like should she have chosen to go on holiday to Italy instead? The only challenge is that most people are letting these choices happen to them by default instead of taking an active part in them. The matter of the [...]
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    How you recreated your own rat race and what to do about it

    You were tired of the rat race. Your job, your responsibilities were no longer fulfilling you! You never had time for yourself, always running, and you kept thinking that there must be more to life than that. When you had a chance, you decided to leave the corporate world to set up your own business. You were thrilled at the idea of running a business doing work you love. You could already picture it, the thriving results, the freedom it would give you and the life you would live! A few years have passed. You wake up tired, you’re overwhelmed, easily irritated, frustrated, disappointed and let’s face it, on the brink of a burnout. Is that why you left the corporate world? I’ve seen it too often and to be very honest I’ve been there myself at some point. How can it be that we recreate what we dread the most for ourselves ? After so many years working with my clients (and reflecting upon what I had done myself) I’ve clearly identified two common trends leading to the same [...]
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    Five steps to reinventing yourself when life has knocked you down

    You seemed to have it all! The successful business or career, the family, the friends, the house (although, if you are completely honest with yourself, it wasn't really fulfilling, something was nagging at you, something was missing) ... That is when life chose to knock you down: you lost someone dear to your heart, had to fight a life-threatening disease, left a toxic relationship, faced depression, lost your job or went through bankruptcy. Everything you had fell into pieces, and you may even have lost everything in the process! There you are, feeling lost and completely disoriented in what seems to be a bottomless well. Believe me, I know what you are going through, as a matter of fact, the only thing I haven't experienced myself from the above list is facing a serious disease. But I also know that there is a way to change that and that it is possible to make things happen again in your life and business. I know, because I have done it for myself! But, let's revert to you. In a [...]
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    Getting rid of overwhelm – part 2

    Let's recap what you have done so far If you have followed my recommendations in part 1 of my "Get rid of the overwhelm" series (read them here) you should now have reconnected yourself to what is most important to you. You should also have started implementing some vital self-care moments in your life, and you are regularly reminding yourself that you don't need to be wonder woman! What are your various roles in life? We all wear multiple hats. We can be a mother, a lover, a colleague, a business owner, a friend, etc. Step back and reflect: what do these roles mean to you? Which ones are most important? Once you've answered those questions, set a clear goal for each of them. Once more, the objective is for you always to be connected to what is most important to you. What should you be focusing on? In case you did not notice, there are 1440 minutes in a day, and that is the same for all of us. 1440 and not 1441. So guess what? If you want to add a minute, you need to take out [...]
  • luxury

    What luxury really means

    Over the last few days I've kept bumping into the word "Luxury"... Although I know what it means to me, I thought that it might be worth elaborating on it a bit to find out what it means to you. You see, for me, luxury is directly linked to the notion of self-worth and has nothing to do per se with any monetary value. Anything that gives me the feeling of being exceptional - i.e. being worth it - is luxury to me. Luxury can be hiding in very small details, it is an attitude, a mindset that is linked to mindfulness, because if you are not mindful of what is, how can you appreciate what you are having and what you are gifting yourself with? Luxury can of course be a beautiful and very expensive Chanel handbag or Louboutin pair of shoes, but beforemost luxury is taking the time to appreciate what is: Luxury is the beautiful flowers you bought for yourself or that you choose carefully in your garden, Luxury is relaxing in a scented bath while listening to music you like, Luxury is [...]

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