How is this different to any of the other programs that are out there?

What I want for you is that you rule your life and business and not that your business rules you and your life. Most products that are available tend to focus on one area only, your business for instance, and because of that they often turn out to be quick fixes only. I know that the word holistic is used an awful lot these days, but it really is a great word to describe how all the different parts of this program are deeply interconnected. The truth is that they all are needed to enable truly transformational change to happen across both life and business. So, rather than investing in multiple different courses, all focused on one small part of what you need, this is a great opportunity to invest in one program that delivers everything step-by-step to create real change.

How can you be an expert on so many different topics?

Well, to start with, I’m 58 and have already led multiple lives! I’ve been working for over 30 years, and I’ve got an awful lot of personal and professional experience that I want to share with you. In addition, because I feared being seen as an impostor when I started, I’ve spent a lot of time and money training in communication, relationships, leadership, personal effectiveness and organization (to name a few).
However, you are right, I cannot be an expert in everything! That is why I have also enlisted the help of contributing authors. I’ve also teamed up with 16 fabulous ladies who are sharing bonus material worth over $6,000 to make sure that every module is packed full of actionable knowledge.

The programs’ focus seems to be on creating a lifestyle, but I just need to get my business working – is it still for me?

Oh absolutely, yes! I completely understand this. Isn’t that what we all want? I am convinced that the success of your business is paramount, simply enough because without it, you won’t have the lifestyle you desire! Some people just desire to make money. What I want for me you is that our businesses generate the steady income that sustains the lifestyle we desire. But what I don’t want is that our businesses dictate what our lives look like. So to come back to your question, that is the exact reason the program starts with a Business Quick Start module. I will even be sharing with you my favorite done-for-you business materials. I want to make sure that, while we will be working on other elements of the program, you can build your confidence, become aware of the value of your work for your clients and, of course, generate money! Once the foundational work will have been done, we will return to your business to re-assess it and up-level it so that it matches who you have become.

I’m struggling with the investment, is this right for me?

That is the classical chicken and the egg question that most struggling entrepreneurs have. Should I invest in myself when I have money? Or should I invest in myself so that I can make money quicker? This is your life and your business, so only you can make that decision (and I only want super committed people on board!). What I always say, however, is ‘How can you expect others to invest in you if you don’t invest in yourself?’
That being said, I have seen great success from this program with my private clients over the past four years. My corporate clients even used to pay $22,000 for it. So, not only are you getting it for the exceptionally low, and never to be repeated, price of $1,297 (since this is the first time I’m running it as a virtual group program), but I have also added an installment plan with 4 payments of $360 to make it easier for you!

What happens if I enroll but then decide it’s not for me?

I am so confident that this program is going to provide you with amazing results that I am happy to give a 100% money back guarantee. If you can show that you’ve done the work and aren’t satisfied with the results you are getting, then just let me know within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

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