Power Sessions

Whether you have just set up your business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, there is always a moment in an entrepreneurs’ journey when we are faced with challenges. Have you ever been in one of those situations?

  • you have no idea who your ideal client is

  • you would like to have a better system to follow up with prospects and clients

  • you would like to know how to structure all the great ideas that you have in your head

  • You don’t know where to start with all you have to so

  • you are procrastinating, over-preparing and making excuses, could it be that fear is ruling your game?

  • you want to turn your process into a signature program but you have no idea how to do that

  • you have no pricing strategy or are afraid that if you increase your prices clients will leave you

Sometimes, all it takes is 90 minutes of laser focused time with an expert to find the answers you need!

That is exactly what I can do for you! You get my undivided attention and expertise for 90 minutes and together we tackle your challenge and turn it into the solution you were looking for.

Sample of topics

Finding your niche

Pricing Strategy

Getting organised

Staying focused

Handling Fear

Signature program

Money blocks

Work/life balance

Organizing paperwork

Managing Cashflow

Creating a vision

Limiting Beliefs

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