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Episode 112 – Nicola Grace, owner at The Mission Mastery Academy

Nicola Grace shares with us how she had to reinvent herself and her dream after she lost it when her business went to the wall.

Nicola helps Entrepreneurs & Visionaries clarify and monetize their life’s big mission so they can make a bigger impact, transform the world and build their legacy.
She is also a multi-best selling author, award winning writer and is known as one of the top speakers on Social Entrepreneurship in the best seller Motivational Speakers America even though she is from New Zealand and lives in Australia.


Episode 111 – Episode 110 with Sandra Pilarczyk, owner at Fearless and Live
Sandra Pilarczyk shares with us how she turned her own fear of visibility and public speaking into a business helping introverted business owners get comfortable with being visible.

Sandra is a 100% introvert and no fluff German who is a trainer & business mentor for introverted business owners. She took the leap to create a business around helping introverted entrepreneurs like her to share their authentic message.
Sandra helps them to get comfortable with getting visible by consistently showing up!


Episode 110 – Episode 110 with Stephanie Savill, owner at Foxy Ladies Drivers Club

Stephanie Savill shares with us why and how she created a female friendly approved standard of motoring services for women in the UK.

Stephanie Savill’s early career was spent in educational travel, culminating in Board roles within Granada, Mecca and Rank PLCs.
After her MBA made her restless her stepdaughter had a bad garage experience and the idea of the UK’s first motoring club for women became irresistible!
In 2015 the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) awarded her their ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Motor Industry on behalf of women drivers’.


Episode 109 – Emma-Jane Taylor, owner at Emma-Jane Taylor The Inspirational Mentor

Emma-Jane Taylor tells us how, despite all the traumas she’s been experiencing as a child, a teenager and young adult, she turned her life into a successful and fulfilling one and now inspires other women by sharing her story.

Emma-Jane Taylor is a mentor and fitness coach with over twenty years experience in the industry. She is the Founder and Owner of NutritiousWorks (Fitness, Nutritional and Personal Training Companies), StageWorks Performing Arts School (Performing arts for kids) & OceanWorks Retreats (Overseas Retreats).  She is also a TV presenter for That’s TV and the author of Don’t Hold Back, and she also writes the ‘Feel Good’ column for the Henley Standard. Prior to being in fitness Emma-Jane was a professional dancer. She has performed with Cabaret Troupes, in the West End, TV, Fashion Shows and she continues to choreograph and produce shows as and where she can.



Episode 108 – Chantell Vermaak – Johnson, Owner Own Your Power


It took Chantell Vermaak-Johnson ten years to recover from an abusive relationship. She now helps other women short cut the whole process of recovery so that they can start living their new lives as the powerfully confident woman they were meant to be.
Chantell is a certified PRO Coach with New Insights.
She has more than 20 years’ experience in the HR field and has looked after the HR needs of organisations with up to 500 employees.
Her passion is to empower women to be their true selves.


Episode 107 – Edna Keep, Owner at 3D Real Estate Investments Ltd

From single mom at sixteen living in subsidised housing to becoming a multi-millionaire living in a million dollar home, financially free, doing what she loves doing which is inspire and coach others to financial freedom.

Edna Keep found a way to be able to do exactly what she wants in life while inspiring others to do so as well.
Today she owns a $47M Real Estate Portfolio and teaches people how to buy Real Estate with little or none of their own money.


Episode 106 – Placida Acheru, owner at Book Projects

From reinventing herself multiple times despite a challenging health to becoming a top UK business Transformation Coach and Mentor who helps her clients gain the confidence to share their story in a book.

Placida Acheru, founder of Unleashed Women’s Network and Coaching4Excellence is a top UK Business Transformation Coach and mentor. 4x International Bestselling Author, she launched a fifth International bestselling book in January 2017 called Love Unboxed. She is dedicated to guiding others toward taking charge of their lives; breaking through roadblocks to systematically transform their everyday into the power to create wealth.
Placida also helps her clients develop the confidence to share their story in a book, positioning themselves as the go to expert.


Episode 105 – February 26, 2017 – Adrienne Barker, owner at Professional Global Etiquette

From leaving the family business she’d been working in most of her life, to setting up her own business as a Global Etiquette Expert despite an often challenging health condition.

Adrienne Barker made a complete career change a year ago. She left the family business and completely reinvented herself. She now is the CEO of Professional Global Etiquette.

Adrienne has over thirty years of business experience and has been trained by amazing parents who still work at 88 and just opened their 4th art gallery.


Episode 104 – February 20, 2017 – Janicka Bassis, Founder of W.W.I.R.E. and Real Estate Web Radio Host

From a thriving career in Real Estate to being the founder of W.W.I.R.E. (World Women In Real Estate, an online female network with +3250 members) and the founder and the host of the first web radio dedicated to Real Estate!

Janicka Bassis was one of the first Women Directors in France to sell commercial French Real Estate to the International Market. She started her career at Cogedim in 1987 and sold her first building 3 months later to a large Japanese group. She opened the way to Japanese, German, and American investors into France in the 90’s. She also created the first real estate transaction department in a French bank for the Credit Lyonnais in 1993 when she sold the largest shopping center in France at the time, the Forum De Halles. She has been enjoying helping women in their real estate career for the past 25 years.



Episode 103 – February 6, 2017 – T. Renee Smith, owner at iSuccess Consulting, Inc

From filing business bankruptcy and spending over three years in federal prison to being an Amazon bestselling author and empowering women through her personal development program!

Renee Smith is the founder of the Metamorphosis Inner Circle™, a personal development program, committed to empowering women to overcome fear and self-defeating beliefs to confidently live an authentic life and build a profitable business.

She inspires more than 25,000 loyal followers and helps thousands of women through her programs, coaching, and speaking.


Episode 102 – January 30, 2017 – Susan Barber, Founder at  Susan M Barber Coaching & Consulting, LLC

From thriving corporate career to setting up her own business to help people reach their full potential!

Susan Barber is an Executive Leadership Coach with over twenty years as an Information Technology and Leadership Executive. She left her corporate career to become an Executive Coach with a focus on helping leaders and their teams reach their potential. She partners with business professionals to accelerate their results by building confidence, enhancing their authentic voice.


Episode 101 – January 23, 2017 – Maru Iabichela, Founder at Infinite Receiving

From hitting rock bottom to being a sought after international transformational coach.

Maru Iabichela is an international speaker and transformational coach helping entrepreneurs to tap into their authenticity in order to build happy and prosperous businesses and lives. She built her own success from the ground up after hitting rock bottom and learning that the only path to success is to be true to oneself. Her comeback has allowed her the privilege of coaching individuals from 17 countries (and growing), as well as the ability and freedom to travel wide and far to share her message.

Episode 100 – January 16, 2017 – AnYes van Rhijn, owner at Success On Your Own Terms

From experiencing first hand what it’s like to not being able to share her own story of pain because even her best friend thought she’d made it up, to becoming the founder of Her Story Matters, an organisation advocating for change and giving women a voice!

This is a month of celebrations for me: It is my first anniversary as the Regional Director of Athena Central London, my birthday with the start of a new decade was on January 11, and this is episode #100 of my WWMTH interview series. In my interviews I often refer to my own journey and an increasing number of people have asked me to share it with them. Gosia Gorna, one of my previous guests on WWMTH and a friend has offered to interview me. The interviewer being interviewed…

Episode 99 – January 10, 2017 – Harriet Khataba, Founder at Her Story Matters

From experiencing first hand what it’s like to not being able to share her own story of pain because even her best friend thought she’d made it up, to becoming the founder of Her Story Matters, an organisation advocating for change and giving women a voice!

Harriet Khataba is a global change agent with experience in international project management specialising in girl welfare and women’s rights highlighting social injustices.

She is the founder of Her Story Matters an organisation advocating for change and giving women a voice and through that has been a regular radio and television influencer and sought after guest of media publications discussing her passionate cause to serve women and have their voice heard.


Episode 98 – January 3, 2017 – Kristy Jones, owner at Kristy Jones Coaching and Consulting

Kristy Jones is a Corporate Exit Strategist for women who love their corporate careers but yearn for something more. She balances her innate ability and experience as a team and business builder with her relationship building skills and takes her clients from anxious and fearful to excited and confident. When she’s not guiding her clients, she can be found spending time with her friends, family, and pets in her home in Michigan.

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