Empowerment Planner

The Empowerment Planner is your ideal companion if you want to bring more intention and focus to achieving your personal and professional development goals.

Unlike a lot of planners existing on the market, it helps you stay focused on the essentials, without taking hours out of your daily busy schedule to maintain it, making it easier for you to stick to it.

It helps you raise your awareness of self so that you can start making more conscious choices by allowing you to:

  • stay focused on your daily appointments and tasks,
  • be intentional every day,
  • list what you’re grateful for,
  • review daily what worked well, what was challenging, what can be improved,
  • take stock of any learning/lesson (a.k.a. “lightbulb moment”) you may have had,
  • track your daily habits (to maximise your chances of sticking to them),
  • be better connected to your body by making notes on your physical, mental and emotional health and its impact on you and your circumstances

Section 1: Vision (one page per topic)

  • what is your starting point? Where are you now in all areas of your life, including what you want to keep, what you no longer want, what you want to add,
  • your Why
  • who you want to be,
  • what you want to do,
  • what you want to have,

Section 2: Goals (one page per topic)

  • three-year goals,
  • one-year goals,
  • monthly goals

Section 3: Weekly planner/tracker

Weekly planning (one page per week)

  • Three unnamed sections
  • Weekly habit tracker

Daily pages

  • Appointments
  • To do
  • Intention
  • Gratitudes
  • What worked well
  • What was challenging
  • What can be improved
  • Learning
  • Health

Section 4: Year review (2 pages per topic)

  • What worked well
  • What was challenging
  • What can be improved


  • 420 pages
  • A5
  • Paper: 80 gsm white
  • Wipeable, soft touch hardcover
  • Colour: red
  • Undated, you can start any time