You were tired of the rat race. Your job, your responsibilities were no longer fulfilling you! You never had time for yourself, always running, and you kept thinking that there must be more to life than that.

When you had a chance, you decided to leave the corporate world to set up your own business. You were thrilled at the idea of running a business doing work you love. You could already picture it, the thriving results, the freedom it would give you and the life you would live!

A few years have passed. You wake up tired, you’re overwhelmed, easily irritated, frustrated, disappointed and let’s face it, on the brink of a burnout. Is that why you left the corporate world?

I’ve seen it too often and to be very honest I’ve been there myself at some point. How can it be that we recreate what we dread the most for ourselves ?

After so many years working with my clients (and reflecting upon what I had done myself) I’ve clearly identified two common trends leading to the same outcome:

  • You were driven by your passion but forgot to look into the business aspect of things. You set up your business, not realizing that doing work you love and running a business are two very different things that require complete different skill sets. The consequence is that the results aren’t there and that your business looks more like an expensive hobby than anything else. You’re working (too) hard, juggling with (too) many things to do, wondering what your next move should be amongst all the things that are on your to-do list.

  • You were driven by your business skills but forgot to connect to what is important to you. The financial results were quickly there. Now your business is thriving, but you seem to have lost yourself in the process. Your romantic life has turned into some drama. You’ve become estranged from your kids. You hardly have time to see your friends. You don’t have a social life anymore, and don’t even remember what the word self-care stands for.

Take a coin: scenario one is one side of it and scenario two is the other one. The coin can’t exist without its two sides.

You want a different result than the one you had so far? You can’t just set up your business without taking the time to balance who you are with what is important to you, to your life and business. If you do, you will re-create your own rat race, guaranteed!

If you’ve been reading thus far, you probably are eager to find out what you can do to change this situation. The good news is that there is a way. I know, I did it before and so did my clients. There is no magic wand, it won’t happen overnight, it will require some work, but the results will be there. All it takes is for you to:

  • Be clear about who you are and what is important to you,

  • Clear what stands in the way of your fulfillment and success by changing your mindset and shifting your relationship to money and success,

  • Up-leveling your relationship to yourself and others by putting yourself back at the center of your life

  • Re-assess your business so that it can actually support the life you desire

  • Implement the tools and systems to ensure you stay committed to it.

Decide to make it happen, take action and the results will be there! You will have a life again and be able to enjoy every moment of it!

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