What they say

I am now back in charge of my life and of my choices!

I have worked with AnYes in two occasions and both experiences were extremely fruitful and rewarding. The first time, many years ago, I was given more responsibilities in my job. I wanted to have the confidence and skills to tackle my new role in an efficient and professional manner. It has been
a real success: AnYes helped me implement new organizational and managerial methods that enabled me to successfully embrace my new challenge.

More recently, I was feeling stuck and needed to evolve at many levels. It was a no-brainer for me: she would be the one who would help me move forward! I worked with her 1:1 for a full year and have never regretted it. As a result, I reassessed my situation and gave it a more meaningful direction; I am now back in charge of my life and of my choices. What I particularly like with AnYes is that she’s always there for you, she knows how to hold you in that safe space that allows you to be yourself without fear but she also knows how to challenge you to ensure you are progressing.

Corinne Boéri –  London, United Kingdom – Partner JLT Specialty Ltd 

I have enhanced my leadership!

I have really enjoyed being coached by AnYes. Thanks to our work together, I have been able to enhance my leadership by improving some of my professional behaviors. She knows how to approach challenging situations. With a good mix of coaching and mentoring, she helps you uncover the answers to the challenges you are facing.

Her international experience gives her even more added value. I highly recommend her as a coach in leadership. Any person or company facing challenges in a fast changing environment should contact her!

Hélène Béguin – Partner in charge of the Lausanne office – KPMG, Switzerland

The results are visible and sustainable!

The experience that AnYes has when it comes to coaching and mentoring allows you to quickly identify the root problems to work on. With a good mix of theory, concrete examples, challenging questions, implementation and accountability she helps you achieve results that are not only rapidly visible, but be foremost sustainable.

Maryline Labatut – VP HR (Mining and minerals) – Paris, France