What luxury really means

Over the last few days I’ve kept bumping into the word “Luxury”…
Although I know what it means to me, I thought that it might be worth elaborating on it a bit to find out what it means to you.

You see, for me, luxury is directly linked to the notion of self-worth and has nothing to do per se with any monetary value.

Anything that gives me the feeling of being exceptional – i.e. being worth it – is luxury to me.
Luxury can be hiding in very small details, it is an attitude, a mindset that is linked to mindfulness, because if you are not mindful of what is, how can you appreciate what you are having and what you are gifting yourself with?

Luxury can of course be a beautiful and very expensive Chanel handbag or Louboutin pair of shoes, but beforemost luxury is taking the time to appreciate what is:

Luxury is the beautiful flowers you bought for yourself or that you choose carefully in your garden,
Luxury is relaxing in a scented bath while listening to music you like,
Luxury is taking the time to enjoy the meal you are sharing with people you love,
Luxury is a picnic but with champagne (in a beautiful glass of course, not a plastic cup),
Luxury is drinking a minimum of 2 litres of water every day because my body will thank me for it, but it is also drinking wine when I feel like it,
Luxury is being grateful for all the good, the love and the beauty I am bringing into my life,
Luxury is filling my life with random acts of kindness,
Luxury is feeling beautiful because that is what makes you beautiful,
Luxury is stepping into your power to be who you are meant to be,
Luxury is being elegant in worn out jeans because of the confident way you are moving and filling the room with your presence,

Luxury is that French “Je ne sais quoi” that French women have that encompasses all of the above and so much more.

Luxury is being and feeling worth it!

So, how are you bringing luxury into your life?

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